Communicate with Confidence


“The one easy way to become worth 50% more

than you are right now, at least,

is to hone your communications skills

– both verbal and non-verbal.” – Warren Buffet


Communication Services:

What do you need help with? I can do it for you – or with you.

1. Messaging

Radical clarity gets you radical results. I’ll clarify your content so it connects with your audience. 

2. Storytelling

Great storytellers know how to sell themselves and their ideas. I’ll teach you how to master this skill to reap the rewards – and the ROI.

3. Public Speaking

I’ll help you embrace the spotlight and communicate with confidence. (I work with anyone but specialize as a public speaking coach for women.)

4. Pitching

I’ll design dynamic pitch decks that help your audience think and do what you want them to.


5. Presenting

I’ll transform you from a presenter into a performer to bring your ideas to life. 

6. Leadership

I’ll enhance your Executive presence to engage and inspire everyone around you.  

Pitch Prof Benefits

Work with me to achieve these results:


Enhanced Skills

  • Master Effective Communication Techniques
  • Strengthen Public Speaking Skills

Career Advancement

  • Enhance Executive Presence

  • Increase Competitive Advantage

  • Expand Leadership Opportunities


Increased Confidence

  • Diminish Speaking Anxiety

  • Decrease Imposter Syndrome


Audience Engagement

  • Elevate Storytelling Skills

  • Sharpen Presentations

  • Memorable Messaging

What my clients say:

She is an amazingly supportive and uplifting communication coach.

She helped me raise my skill and confidence levels tremendously.”

“She helped me overcome anxiety associated with public speaking.

The experience for me was life changing, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity.”

Watching and listening to Alexis speak is like attending a master class on public speaking!

She reminds me of Brené Brown.”

I’ve gotten more from 2 months of coaching with you than I have from any of the business leadership books I’ve ever read.”

“It created a major shift in how I think. It was money and time well spent. A great investment in my career.”

“If you’re trying to increase your Executive presence, I highly recommend working with her.”

I worked with Alexis on a complex job interview presentation.

I got the job and a 25% increase in salary.”

“I recently won a pitch competition because of Alexis’s advice.”

She’s fun to work with, actually LISTENS, held me up when I had doubts, and supported me every step of the way.”

Mission: to help people clearly express themselves, engage their target audience, and  communicate with confidence.


Vision: to transform lives by empowering people to find their voice and confidently share their ideas and stories with the world


Are you ready to change your life? And increase your worth by 50%?

Let's do this.