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Benefits of Pitch Prof Coaching


Enhanced Skills

  • Master – Effective Communication Techniques
  • Strengthen – Public Speaking Skills

Career Advancement

  • Enhance – Executive Presence

  • Increase – Competitive Advantage

  • Expand – Leadership Opportunities


Increased Confidence

  • Diminish – Speaking Anxiety

  • Decrease – Imposter Syndrome


Audience Engagement

  • Elevate – Brand Storytelling

  • Sharpen – Presentation Skills

  • Memorable – Messaging

Pitch Prof Focus Areas

“The one easy way to become worth 50% more than you are now, at least, is to hone your communication skills — both written and verbal.” – Warren Buffet

We can focus on one – or all – of these, depending on your goals.

1. Strategic Communication

successfully pitch your ideas, yourself, products or company to different audiences across different platforms

2. Verbal Communication

become your “best self” as a confident and compelling public speaker. I work with anyone, but I specialize as a public speaking coach for women. 

3. Non-Verbal Communication

enhance your Executive presence by mastering the art of non-verbal communication and active listening

4. Narrative Communication

turn your ideas into stories, increase sales, and become “the most powerful person in the world.” – Steve Jobs

4. Visual Communication

nail your investor pitch and business presentations with clear visual design that complements (not competes with) your content

6. Inter-Communication

optimize your inter-personal, inter-cultural, and inter-generational communication skills

Definition: “pitch”

to toss an item or idea at a target

to attempt to persuade

to aim (a product or service) at a market segment

the vibration frequency of the human voice

an often high-pressure formal presentation

vocal vibration that contributes to the overall meaning of speech

Whether you’re communicating with a small internal team or a large external audience, you’re on stage. Online, in-person, formal, or informal – it doesn’t matter. You’re pitching ideas in public and you’re on display.

You might not think of yourself as a traditional “public speaker” or “storyteller” but, you are. In this day and age, your clients, colleagues, and customers are listening to you. Across multiple platforms. 24-hours a day. They want to know you, and I can help.


Do you want to communicate with confidence?

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