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I help you pitch ideas

and communicate with confidence.

Because what you say

is as important as how you say it.

Pitch Prof Services


I provide copy writing and editing services.

A website is a written pitch and often the first contact point for potential customers. Is your existing web copy clear and compelling? Does it authentically reflect your brand? Or values? If not, it should. Your customers want to know you and I can help. I’ll revise your copy or write it from scratch. Visit the Pitch Prof blog to see examples of my work.


I work with clients who understand public speaking is a critical part of their professional development.

Public speaking is a verbal pitch. It’s how you get your message across to an audience so they understand and remember it. Don’t let your mouth ruin the message. If you’re afraid of public speaking, I can help. If you aren’t afraid of it and want to improve your skills, I can get you there. I work with anyone, but I specialize as a public speaking coach for women. 


I turn my clients’ ideas into stories–and turn my clients into storytellers.

Stories are a universal way to pitch. Why? They’re in our DNA. Stories are how we pass down information from generation to generation. They’re how we make sense of the world. And, adding stories to sell products and services can increase sales from 5% – 11%. Messages often miss the point, but stories stick with you.  


I help clients develop, design, and deliver their business presentations.

A business presentation is a professional pitch. The goal is to inform, impress, and persuade a target audience. Are you trying to land an angel investor, secure seed funding, or a prepare TED Talk? I’ll help you sharpen the message, structure the content, design the slides, and deliver it with style.

Definition: “pitch”

to toss an item or idea at a target

to attempt to persuade

to aim (a product or service) at a market segment

the vibration frequency of the human voice

an often high-pressure formal presentation

vocal vibration that contributes to the overall meaning of speech

Whether you’re communicating with a small internal team or a large external audience, you’re on stage. Online, in-person, formal, or informal – it doesn’t matter. You’re pitching ideas in public and you’re on display.

You might not think of yourself as a traditional “public speaker” or “storyteller” but, you are. In this day and age, your clients, colleagues, and customers are listening to you. Across multiple platforms. 24-hours a day. They want to know you, and I can help.


Do you want to communicate with confidence?

Invest in yourself. Contact me today.