Rule #1 in Communication

If you’re trying to connect with an audience, don’t start with what YOU want to say or what YOU want them to know. Start by trying to understand who they are, what they want/fear, and what you have in common.

Simple Strategies for Difficult Conversations

Your success (individual, team, and company) is directly proportional to your ability to navigate conflict, but that doesn’t mean you have to be confrontational. Difficult conversations can be wildly productive if you approach them in the right way.

Why Most Marketers Get Storytelling Wrong

Marketers love to use the word “story” to sell products and services, but they often get it wrong. In this article, Dr. Alexis Carreiro breaks down the basic elements in a story and shares why our brains are hard-wired for storytelling.

Five Jobs Skills to Master

Do you know what ranks alongside data science, artificial intelligence, & cybersecurity as a top job skill? Communication. Why? The ability to clearly communicate, engage an audience, and effectively manage conflict with diverse people across teams is critical.

Seven Tips for Pitching Investors

I recently interviewed five, successful entrepreneur-investors to get their feedback on how to pitch investors. (See episodes 14-18 of the "Fun with Failure" podcast.) As a pitch coach myself, I wanted to hear their advice regarding how start-ups should prepare for a...

What do sports and communication have in common?

It’s extremely hard to communicate well. It looks easy; but it isn’t. It seems simple; but it’s not. The same thing can be said about sports. Great athletes and great communicators use coaches to succeed. Have you ever watched an elite athlete...

What is a Communication Coach?

A Communication Coach is someone who can help you improve your communication competencies. These refer to your interpersonal, written, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills. Why should you spend professional development money on a Communication...