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I worked with Alexis on a complex job interview presentation for a top-level sales position at my company. I went into the interview feeling well-prepared, and I came out with the job and a 25% increase in salary. I’m now eligible for sales commissions too!
Alexis coached me through what information was critical to include, how to structure the info, and how to visually organize it within the presentation. She coached me about how to deliver the presentation (as a confident public speaker) during the interview. And she helped me practice how to respond to interview questions, too.
Jordan S.

Account Executive, Nashville, TN

I create a lot of presentations, and I need them to be both clear and captivating. Alexis really challenged me when we worked together. She helped me distill complex, critical information into simple, bite-sized ideas for my target audience to understand. It created a major shift in how I think about and process information and improved the quality and efficiency of my work. Her knowledge and perspective on communication helped refine how I think. I am grateful to have learned from and work with her. It was money and time well spent. A great investment in my career!


Duke Energy

I sought coaching with Alexis to work on overcoming anxiety associated with public speaking.  As a graduate student and leader in my industry, I am often required to speak, and needed to be more comfortable in that area. Alexis not only provided me the tools to recognize and manage my public speaking anxiety, but also to better manage myself in general. 

With Alexis, I learned the importance of taking care of myself, being okay with saying no, caring less about what others think, being more unapologetically confident, and taking up the space I need. All of these things together changed my self perception, empowering me as a woman. 

The experience for me was life changing and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity.

Heather R.

Nurse Practitioner

I recently won a pitch competition because of Alexis’s advice. She helped me focus on the “three word pitch”  to get to my core idea. And, her advice on “strategy” was one of the things that put me over the top. She helped me articulate my passion and expertise in a way that really impressed the judges.

Tim D.


Watching and listening to Alexis speak is like attending a master class on public speaking! She recently provided an hour-long training session for a pitch competition. While her lessons, advice, and motivational spirit were beyond valuable, it was her speaking itself that was truly the most inspiring. She practices what she preaches. The audience hung on her every word because she was so engaging, informative, and often downright hilarious.

Throughout her talk, her approachable yet wise presence reminded me of one of my favorite speakers, Brené Brown (of multiple New York Times bestsellers, TEDx, and Netflix special fame) — I attended one of her talks and can practically quote ‘The Call to Courage’ hour at this point. So, it might be a little odd comparing one professor turned motivational speaker to another, but I mean it as sincere high praise. And as someone with over a decade of training and experience in pitching via a career in marketing myself, I can honestly say Alexis is one of the best speakers I’ve seen. She is a force — you’ll see!

Jordan Stevens

Founder and Brand Strategist, Empathegy

Alexis provided a training session to a group of 20 nonprofit leaders and their coaches (over 80 people in all) participating in a pitch competition called SEED20. I was truly impressed with the training session she provided. Her passion for storytelling is obvious, and the content of her presentation was spot on. Even more impressive, the presentation of the material was engaging and entertaining! I received feedback from a number attendees about how much they enjoyed the training session and how insightful they found it. I am confident that the nonprofits and coaches will be well prepared to WOW the audience during the SEED20  event.

Cristy Travaglino

Coaching Co-Chair, SEED20

Alexis recently served as a panelist on our monthly Triple Threat Panel event at Advent Coworking. I happened to moderate this session on the topic of “Raising Your Visibility.” Her unique perspective of building an audience through public speaking provided great insight to our engaged audience. What stood out to me the most was Alexis’ ability to offer real, grounded, inspiring advice to those who may be wondering how to simply put themselves out there. Her spirited demeanor and desire to connect with not just the audience, but the other panelists and myself as moderator demonstrated her ability to command the room in a respectful manner. I also truly appreciated the time she took after the panel show appreciation for the opportunity and get to know each other further. I look forward to working with Alexis again soon!

Mike Barugel

Founder, FYT Virtual Assistants