Dr. Alexis Carreiro

My nickname is “Pitch Prof” because I’m a retired Communications professor. Anyone can call themselves a “coach,” but not all coaches have fifteen years of experience teaching college. I’ve developed learning outcomes, curriculum, programs, and assessments for over 1,000 individuals. As the Pitch Prof, I apply this educational expertise to every coaching engagement and customize learning experiences for my clients to help them reach their professional goals.


Think of me like a secret weapon for your content and professional development.

I blend aspects from coaching and consulting to give you the best of both worlds.

As a coach, I’ll motivate and support you, ask questions that inspire you to find the answers, and develop your Communication skills to confidently express yourself and embrace being in the spotlight.

As a consultant, I can sharpen your messaging for you to help you create compelling content that engages your target audience.


I earned my M.A., Ph.D., and began my teaching career at the University of Texas-Austin. Their Communication & Media Studies program is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 programs in the worldIt’s where I spent 10,000 hours studying storytelling techniques and honing my communication skills.

Most recently, I taught at Queens University in both the undergrad and graduate programs.  My courses explored storytelling & narrative strategies, visual communication, public speaking, and audience engagement. My research is published in multiple books and journal articles.

Now, I work full-time as a communication and confidence coach. I’ve worked with clients at HBO, the United Nations, small business owners, tech executives, managers at S&P 500 companies, start-ups, and everyone in between.

Whether you’re afraid of public speaking or aiming for the C-Suite, I help can help you find your voice and confidently share your  story with the world.


Are you ready to change your life? And increase your worth by 50%?

Let's do this.