Dr. Alexis Carreiro

Dr. Alexis Carreiro helps individuals and corporate teams engage and persuade their target audience.

She earned her Ph.D. and began her teaching career at the University of Texas-Austin. Anyone can call themselves a consultant or coach but very few have spent 10,000+ hours studying and honing their skills in one of the top 10 Communication programs in the world. Now, a retired professor, she works with clients who understand that clear communication is a critical leadership skill.

She’s worked with individuals at HBO, the United Nations, Microsoft, and Ally Bank and is passionate about helping people level up in their careers. She also hosts “Fun with Failure,” a podcast where guests share how their fears and failures often lead to the best life lessons.

Her mission is to help people communicate with confidence.


Alexis blends aspects from coaching and consulting to give you the best of both worlds.

As a consultant, she can help you clarify or create compelling content to engage your target audience.

As a coach, she can help you improve your communication skills to achieve your professional goals.



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